RS Series
Brake Discs

Entry Level Track Day
  • Powerbrake RS-series discs are cast from a proprietary high-carbon alloy that will offer improved stability and service life at high operating temperatures.
  • The RS-Series slot pattern was developed specifically for street and track day use.
  • The slots increase initial bite, vent away pad friction gasses and gently scrub carbonised pad material from the surface of the pads.
  • All RS-Series discs are coated with our proprietary black surface coating that ensures quickest bed-in and eliminates any chance of the pads being contaminated by the oil coatings used by many of our competitors.
  • All RS-Series discs feature our Max Temp Recording (MTR) system that provides a permanent record of the peak operating temps reached by the discs.
  • Discs are the same size as the factory discs and are direct replacement items.
  • Comprehensive fitment and bed-in instructions are included will all RS-Series discs.