Race Pads

Off Road Race  
  • Powerbrake R-Line race pads are manufactured for us by one of the world's leading off road race pad manufacturers.
  • The materials selected for our range are based on over 10 years of experience at the highest level of off road racing.
  • Our range easy to understand, consisting of 3 x compounds that cater for any level of off road racing.
  • The materials within our R-Line pad range have been used to win FIA Cross Country World Championships and the infamous Dakar Rally.
  • Extremely stable performance over the widest range of off road race conditions (including: gravel, sand, mud, snow and water crossings).
  • Unmatched pad wear life in off road race conditions.
  • Kind to discs exhibiting very low disc wear at the correct operating temperatures.
Enquiries: 012 803 0155


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